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It has come to our attention that unscrupulous parties have been pretending to be representatives, employees or directors from within the group, so to carry out fraudulent acts.


This to date has focused around false contractor / employment arrangements, which start with fraudulent email communication chains. We do not employ contractors.

Walking Under Gas Pipes

Our purpose

CK Group Infrastructure UK, represents a consortium of companies which invest within energy infrastructure markets around the world. As a UK based group, we utilise our knowledge and experience to ensure appropriate investments are made that deliver strong performance for our members.

The markets on which we advise can be divided into two areas:

1. Gas Energy Infrastructure; and

2. Other Energy Infrastructure.

CK Group Infrastructure UK is an informal collection of companies and there are no contractual or other commitments or obligations applicable to or intended to benefit the participant companies arising out of their participation.


Our people

Our expertise is based on knowledge, which comes from our people. As a consortium we have many years of experience within infrastructure markets.

Whether it be gas, electricity, renewable energy or non-energy related markets we advise where, when and how much to invest. We can ensure investment performance excels and provides the return demanded of the modern world.

Team Meeting

Our members

Our members rely on the knowledge of CK Group Infrastructure UK, to advise on investment in gas infrastructure companies throughout the world and other energy infrastructure companies invested in or held through the UK. They believe in making long term investments and know that CK Group Infrastructure UK can provide the knowledge and expertise to ensure appropriate investment decisions are made.

Wind Turbines
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